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Haunted Places Around Helen, Ghost Tours & All You Need to Know!

By Sara Branson, Posted on 26 Dec, 2023 at 11:40 am

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Haunted Places Around Helen, Ghost Tours & All You Need to Know!

Helen is known for its charismatic beauty and Bavarian architecture. The scenic beauty concealed within the great huge mountains is something liked by individual explorers. However, in this blog, let's delve into the dark side of Helen and explore the haunting places around it. It's great to uncover mysteries and ghostly legends that linger in the historic sites. As night comes, the old stories and eerie legends come to life, giving off a mysterious spell over Haunted Helen, where the whispers of the past echo through the shadowy street. From the famous burial mound of Sautee and Nacoochee to the scary Roswell Ghost tours, let's embark on this spine-chilling journey through the haunted places of Helen. Get ready for ghostly encounters and spectral stories that are buried beneath the alluring scenic beauty of this city.


Burial Mound of Sautee and Nacoochee

In the moonlit shadows near Helen lays the burial mound of Sautee and Nacoochee.

Many visitors drawn by morbid curiosity have complained of feeling an otherworldly presence as they approached this sacred site. Some people claim they see weird revenants weaving through the trees. As per an old legend two individuals named Sautee and Nacoochee of different tribes fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, despite all the efforts, the two tribes did not approve of their faithful relationship. Young in love, the two individuals decided to form a reconciliation between the two tribes. But due to their fate, the leaders of the tribe got infuriated and Sautee was thrown from a mountain cliff. Soon after Nacoochee followed him. It is said they both succumbed to death while they were in each other's embrace. Due to this painful story, as the night unfolds, the air becomes heavy with whispers, and shadows dance upon the moss-covered mound.


The Intersection Grave of Princess Trahlyta

The Intersection Grave of Princess Trahlyta, in the center of Dahlonega, invites visitors to a location where myth and truth with lies are present. Local legend says that Princess Trahlyta's tale is a heartfelt tale of sadness and love, and there are many links between myth and the land where she is buried. According to tradition, Princess Trahlyta was abducted by her suitor Wahsega after she rejected his approaches. Wahsega was a youthful suitor. He took her beauty and freshness from her in a devious manner. Her home's mystical springs served as both a witness and a guardian, and after her untimely death, the earth of her native place became her eternal resting place. As one approaches this ethereal and magical crossroads, visitors are struck with a deep sense of reverence.


Booger Hills

As dusk falls upon Helen, curious adventurers explore the haunted places, traveling through the Bavarian streets where ghostly tales lie. Beyond the town, the scary Booger Hills beckon with their mysterious allure, inviting those brave enough to uncover the secrets concealed within the dark. Booger Hills is also a place with a rich, scary history. A legend says that two young slaves were deceptively accused of killing a young girl. They were later hanged on a large oak tree by the people of their tribe. The place is famous among the locals because of a mystery. If you line up your car between the two giant oak trees from which those slaves were hanged and executed the car will roll down the hill. However, here the exciting part comes: before your car halts, it will be pushed back up the hill again. It's a thrilling adventure to go on. Many people visit the Booger Hills to experience this great "gravity mystery”. Now imagine going to this place and experiencing this enthralling adventure.


Roswell Ghost Tours

After visiting the charming town of Helen during the day, thrill-seekers can go on haunted tours near Helen as night falls, uncovering the cold stories that linger in this astonishing city and nearby. Roswell, Georgia, is famous for its historical sites and has been linked with some ghost stories. Ghost tours in Roswell often take visitors to places with reported paranormal activity and share stories of the paranormal activities. The tour is one and a half hours, and the tour guide makes sure to make visitors explore every haunted location. If you like supernatural stories, the Roswell ghost tour is a highly recommended place to go.

These are some of the most horror places present in and near Helen, GA. Moreover, in Helen, a town covered in folklore and mysteries, the belief in various ghosts lingers among many people. Adventurous individuals wanting a thrilling experience have tried to locate these phantoms, with ghost hunting equipment, turning the pursuit into an exhilarating adventure through the charming streets of this city. Many visitors have testified and highlighted a strange feeling after they explored these haunting places, which indicates the presence of a unique supernatural force. As the moon glows over Helen, the legends create an environment where there is no line between supernatural force and reality. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, the paranormal activities occurring in these haunted places cannot be denied. Helen, with its haunted mysteries, invites you to visit, to question, and to encourage the true beauty that evolves when history and the supernatural get linked. The ghosts of Helen, veiled in the mists of legend, continue to enchant, ensuring that the allure of the unknown remains an integral part of this charming town's allure.

The ghost stories stitched into the fabric of these haunted locations provide information regarding the rich history of the area, where the echoes of the dead continue to be heard. Every haunted place, from the mysterious Booger Hills to the historic burial sites, has a haunting history that excites those who dare to visit the dark places.

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